social media meets resume. wow.

AR Business Card from James Alliban on Vimeo.

I spotted this seriously *wow* biz card/resume over at fave blog, josh spear. this web designer created a video resume of his work knowledge and sent it out you tube-style and posted it on his blog. gotta love the social media integration and tie-in to his experience (he builds sites!). I wanted to share this with you since content, itself, makes an impact. in this case, a stop-motion viral video. in your case, some great content that resonates with your readers. Get out there and blog! :)

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"vlog" and "webisode" make it into Merriam-Webster

Here's one of Blog Out Loud's webisodes | "Hi, I Have A Blog"

hello Blog Out Loud readers - hope your summers have been fun and relaxing! i wanted to share with you about Merriam-Webster's 2009 list of 100 new words that have been added, including blogosphere-style words,
vlog (aka video blogging) and webisode. Very cool!

what an impact this medium has had on blogging and expressing yourself! as you begin and continue building writing your blog, adding video will definitely be a consideration. While we have some some great Blog Out Loud webisodes right here (moments from our Blog Out Loud event that we filmed ourselves), you can also use resources like Vimeo and YouTube to share relevant and engaging video to your readers. Just load up the html right to your post. (click Edit Html to place it at the top).
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what the &*#$ is an RSS feed and do I need this on my blog?

This is the universal RSS chicklet

yea, to be completely honest, i still wonder how RSS feeds really work even though it's clearly defined. so don't fret, a lot of people are unclear about the use of this little guy. hopefully this will help. here we go...

feeds are a way for websites and blogs to distribute their newest content to you. Feeds permit
subscription to regular updates, delivered automatically via a web portal, news reader, or in some cases good old email.

so instead of having to go blog to blog to blog to check the latest and greatest posts (like this one :), you can go to 1 place - your reader and your list of blogs that you subscribed to will be right there.
Just scroll down the list of headlines from all of the blogs you subscribed to and click on any to take you to that blog.

This is a great tool for your blog. Your readers can subscribe to your blog and automatically get your updates! So as they read through their readers and see a neat new headline from you, they can click right on it and - voila - they are at your blog door.
A lot of blogging platforms include the RSS feed as a gadget or widget so definitely consider including it on your sidebar.


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blog focus evolution

this is one of the photos that defines rebecca's point of view for harmony and home.

i can honestly get lost for hours clicking on all the fabulous blog links out there. seriously. hours. as i read different blogs, i really get to e-know the person behind the writing from their posts, tone of voice, all that good stuff. the neat thing is to hear how people got started blogging and how their blog has evolved. rebecca from harmony + home describes a bit of her blog evolution...

"I got to thinking about why I originally put together this blog. At first, it was a desire to speak interior design with all the other designers and bloggers out there who had such incredible blogs and information to share. But, then I thought about my blog name. Harmony and Home. Where balance, serenity and living come together. I try to achieve this everyday in my life, because life can be so chaotic. So, in an effort to speak harmonious homes to you, I thought about what makes a home harmonious to me. Symmetry, balance, organic materials, and simple color palettes are a start. So, I’ve gathered together some wonderful images that speak Harmony and Home to me."

rock on, rebecca! what an inspiration for all you new bloggers out there. check out rebecca's lovely blog right here.
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ever wonder how sites that you register for to follow your fave blogs work?

here's how one of them does.

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