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blog out loud 7 >> LA :::: the re cap

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What a great evening it was last night.
It's interesting how much things have changed and evolved in Social Media. When Rebecca and I first started doing Blog Out Loud events, we focused mainly on blogging. The name sort of sums it up!
Over the past year, social media has exploded, morphed and become a vital aspect of commerce. Last night's panel was a great example of several different business models using Social Media in their own unique way, to reach their particular consumer, client or audience.
Covering varying areas of the LifeStyle vertical, we had everyone from sole ownerships to those working under a larger umbrella. It was really fascinating information.
With each Blog Out Loud, Rebecca and I learn so much more about this every changing media and the community that it creates.

We hope you'll make it to our next event.....
And we loved seeing all of you who made it to this one.

Blog Out Loud Hearts Our Sponsors

Blog Out Loud would be merely a good idea (if we do say so ourselves ) if it weren't for all of the efforts and contributions of our sponsors. We want to thank Rose Tarlow Melrose House, for hosting Blog Out Loud 7.
Rose Tarlow's showroom on Melrose, in L.A.'s famed design quarter, is breathtakingly beautiful. We feel so fortunate to have such a stunning backdrop for our program.

We are excited to have Central California Wines, pouring from the, Bodegas Paso Robles Winery. A lovely Spanish Red and White, will be available for sipping during the evening.

And check out your goody bag with the following contributors SWAG just for you!

Blu Girl Art:: hand painted fabrics for you and your home. 15% of sales from Blugirlart.com support Clean Water Action.

ElyseWalker:: The hottest boutique in the Palisades, offering one stop shopping for all your favorite designer lines.

Leigh Viner:: Illustrator, photographer and designer, Leigh Viner, is in the house once again. Her beautiful work, is ready for framing. To see more of it check her etsy shop, jkl design here

The Muddy Dog:: offering the best looking dog duvets + duvet covers out there. The Muddy Dog is giving our Blog Out Louders a 30% discount on all items, now through December 1st.
Looking forward to seeing you for a great evening of Social Media !

Second Base:: Second Base, is the original Demi - Cami that gives you that pulled together look. As seen in People and StyleWatch. It's the must-have basic for your wardrobe. Second Base is offering Blog Out Loud 7 participants a generous, 50% discount with code.

Shop No 144:: Colleen Lemons is an interior desinger, a blogger and a passionate craftsman. She's handmade the beautiful Dandelion pins you'll find tucked into your bag. You can check out more from Shop No 144 on etsy

And somebody's gettin' lucky Tuesday Night. That's right, we'll be drawing two lucky winners to receive a three - month supply of Nue Science's anti-aging regimen (three products) valued at $600.00

Tues, 9/21 in Los Angeles at Rose Tarlow

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Our 1st tweet up with the gals from BOL + RUE

We are super excited to announce our new monthly series for the Blog Out Loud....TWEET OUT LOUD. Once a month Megan and Rebecca will chat via twitter with a savvy and talented blogger/digital influencer and YOU are all invited to the conversation as well.

Our first TWEET OUT LOUD is next Sunday, September 12th at 5pm PST | 8pm EST. We couldn't be more excited for our first guests - the gals from the highly anticipated RUE Magazine. We'll be chatting with Anne, Crystal, Alaina and Caitlin about design, style, RUE, blogging and how to do it with grace (or at least do it with a smile)

How this works >> just login in to you twitter handle and use the hashtag #TWEETOUTLOUD to join in the conversation. Megan and Rebecca are tweeting from @BlogOutLoud and we'll be saying hello, chatting and asking the RUE gals questions about their style and new fab magazine premiere. And YOU can jump in as well - just join the conversation and say hello!

And we are getting ready for BLOG OUT LOUD 7 on Tues, 9/21 in Los Angeles. All details will be revealed this week so head over to the official site and our facebook community to learn more.

Our new monthly series for the BOL community

More info about our first TWEET OUT LOUD will be revealed tomorrow night - stay tuned!


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Join the BOL facebook community!

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happy 4th of july from blog out loud

hope you are all enjoying a fab fourth of july holiday, Bloggers!!

5 Thoughts on Blog Presentation

:: Me (Rebecca) and my camera. I didn't realize I snapped this pic since the flash is off and I was getting ready to shoot the interior of the wine bar. Random/funny) ::

We talked about so many things at BOL 6 a few days ago but time ran out and we didn't really get to the importance of presentation, or the actual look of your blog. Ok, here's the deal - it is important to have a strong visual impact on your blog. Like your own business, being thoughtful about your blog design (as well as content) shows that you care, simply put. Here are a few tips to get you on your pretty blogging way.

1 :: Fab Photos
Forget your blurry, uncropped photos and use lovely ones that showcase your thoughts. Bright + strong photos go a LONG way. Case in point - Bakearella. Her photos are INSANE and keeps me coming back to see what news photos and treats she has on her blog.

2 :: Original Photos

Reblogging and posting is definitely fine but always consider placing your own photos on your blog. I take my camera everywhere with me (see above - yes, that's me at fave spot
ino enjoying some wine that I took by accident.) so when I see something cool, interesting, relevant for my blogs, I snap away.

3 :: Font + Justifying R/L
Be consistent with your font and your font layout. We like to justify the font right/left so it looks like one solid block of copy. And we use the same font each post (arial in this case). These little details add presentation style to your blog.

4 :: White Space

Keep you blog fresh and clean of clutter. It's fine to have sidebar, footer, etc but try to add in some negative or white space so your posts become the focal point, not all the clutter around it.

5 :: Color Palette
Consider the tone of your blog and the relevance to your brand. Pick a color palette and stick with it. Again, this adds consistency and style on your blog.

How do you create style on own blog? Let us know!