JUNE 14, 2010 | 7:30pm - 9pm


Announcing...BLOG OUT LOUD 6

Well, that mini-break didn't take too long!

We really love the BOL community and since we'll be in NYC, we just had to do a BOL. we go!!

We are *thrilled* to announce that the next BLOG OUT LOUD event is going to happen and is in just a few weeks in the Big Apple!

BLOG OUT LOUD 6 will be June 14th, 2010 in New York City!

We are still finalizing a few details so please stay tuned and check back in next week for our host location, amazing panel and RSVP details!!

And definitely follow us @BlogOutLoud
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a Blog Out Loud update >>

hello lovely blog out loud friends,

we know it's been a while since we've been blog out loud eventing, blogging and all that good stuff and we wanted to check in with you guys. We seriously *heart* this great community and love that you are still enjoying BOL and are interested in future events (and we are excited too!!) and we wanted to share an update.

Megan and I are taking a mini-break from BOL for just bit since we both have new projects that have recently launched that need our deserved attention. BOL is a free resource that we do in our spare time purely because we love the supportive and generous style of the blogging world, in particular all you design bloggers. Since it takes a lot of time to put events together for you guys, we will get back on track when we can both commit the time deserved for the next event.

So please stay with us, check in and check back and we'll let you know as soon as we know when our next event will be - hopefully this summer!

And we'd love to share a little bit about where we are right now >>

I (Rebecca) recently launched Sweetline, an online brand project management company. I consult with lifestyle brands - interior designer, shop owners, artists, photographers, filmmakers, you name it - on their full online presences. This includes website editorial, social media 101 and project management of website and blog design and builds. We also have a neat blog and you can follow us here @sweetlineagency.

I am still contributing to Apartment Therapy and loving. living. small.. I have some sneak peek news - I am contributing to HGTV in a few weeks so check in on @blogoutloud for that link and I'll be featured in a super neat design mag this summer. And I doing a bit of freelance production work - phew - I am tired just writing all this down! :) but it's exciting and I am enjoying the ride!

Megan is still enjoying beach bungalow 8 and the popular podcast, The Skirted Roundtable. She is also doing design work for clients - she is a busy lady!

We'll e-see you guys soon!!

xo, Rebecca and Megan