5 Thoughts on Blog Presentation

:: Me (Rebecca) and my camera. I didn't realize I snapped this pic since the flash is off and I was getting ready to shoot the interior of the wine bar. Random/funny) ::

We talked about so many things at BOL 6 a few days ago but time ran out and we didn't really get to the importance of presentation, or the actual look of your blog. Ok, here's the deal - it is important to have a strong visual impact on your blog. Like your own business, being thoughtful about your blog design (as well as content) shows that you care, simply put. Here are a few tips to get you on your pretty blogging way.

1 :: Fab Photos
Forget your blurry, uncropped photos and use lovely ones that showcase your thoughts. Bright + strong photos go a LONG way. Case in point - Bakearella. Her photos are INSANE and keeps me coming back to see what news photos and treats she has on her blog.

2 :: Original Photos

Reblogging and posting is definitely fine but always consider placing your own photos on your blog. I take my camera everywhere with me (see above - yes, that's me at fave spot
ino enjoying some wine that I took by accident.) so when I see something cool, interesting, relevant for my blogs, I snap away.

3 :: Font + Justifying R/L
Be consistent with your font and your font layout. We like to justify the font right/left so it looks like one solid block of copy. And we use the same font each post (arial in this case). These little details add presentation style to your blog.

4 :: White Space

Keep you blog fresh and clean of clutter. It's fine to have sidebar, footer, etc but try to add in some negative or white space so your posts become the focal point, not all the clutter around it.

5 :: Color Palette
Consider the tone of your blog and the relevance to your brand. Pick a color palette and stick with it. Again, this adds consistency and style on your blog.

How do you create style on own blog? Let us know!


A fantastic night of social media + friends

The lovely panelists of BOL 6
Meredith, Amy, Michell, Rebecca, Megan, Alison, Erin

BOL co-founders | Megan & Rebecca



Wow - what an amazing night at BLOG OUT LOUD 6!

We had a fantastic group of 75 guests to hear the panel speak about social media. We covered tons of topics - rewards from blogging, time management, defining your voice, authenticity, monetization, presentation and how to build and expand social media communities. There were so many great thoughts shared by the panel. We also had tons of tweets - thank you! We loved reading @CindyQuait share that she learned a lot AND realized she knew a lot too! yes!! Being part of the BOL events lets you see that you are right in there with other people and it's great to know that what you are doing - works!

A huge thank you to...

Our panel of successful + savvy bloggers

Tonefarmer for hosting the event

Fanny & Jane for the treats

Williams Sonoma Inc for the Pottery Barn cards giveway

Kylie of Effervescence for the portrait session giveaway

All of our lovely BOL Goodie bag sponsors / see their photos above (click here to see them all)

Please check back in with BLOG OUT LOUD for our next event in a few months.

xx, Rebecca & Megan

Mass Mingling >> What's HOT 2010






I recently spotted Trend Watching's June newsletter (thanks for the tip, @MyThink) about the HOT HOT HOT trend of Mass Mingling and we love it since....we do it! BOL is this. And, hey, apparently a year ahead of the curve.

As Blog Out Loud celebrates it's 1 year anniversary, we appreciate the incredible real world connections that have been fostered through our own little events. We definitely know that long gone are the days/nights of feeling "isolated" while typing away on the keypads. Now is a time where like-minded people are connecting online and meeting offline - YES! I often share with people who aren't into social media yet that it IS relating, just in a different form. While it starts online (yes, it does take a bit to get used to at first), it's really a vehicle for forming relationships, friendships, business-ships that can be taken offline and in-person

For me, the BOL 6 event will be special for a few reasons >>
  • It's our 1 year anniversary of BLOG OUT LOUD
  • Our first east coast event in my fave city!
  • Our amazing guest list - all of you lovely RSVPs
  • I am meeting some online friends - in person - finally! I've e-know Erin for almost 2 yrs, Amy and I met over twitter last year, Michelle has already been part of BOL w a fab interview, Meredith and I worked online together for an AT post and Alison and I met through @Etsy. All of these ladies are people that I e-met and now, well, will meet in life.
Click here to read the full article about Mass Mingling.

Follow the BOL 6 event @blogoutloud for live tweets to e-hear what's happening as the event is happening.

sweet treats for BOL 6
Brooklyn bakery, Fanny & Jane

There's nothing like a sweet treat to make an evening! The lovely ladies of Fanny & Jane (amazing Brookyln bakery) are donating some delicious treats for our event on Monday. we are - to put it mildly - *thrilled*!

Aside from making and serving goodies in their bakery, both Jen and Faryn of Fanny & Jane have their own "make it happen story" that they blogged about as their bakery journey was happening. Jen's popular blog - follow my bliss - about quitting the corporate day job and following a dream as well as their connection with NYC Sketch Comedy team - Harvard Sailing Team - both show that these ladies are real, passionate, fun and caring - why wouldn't you want to support this via their bakery? These are examples of successful blogs that complement a company. We love this type of small business "company" blog - it's a personal one and it really showcases the ladies' love of their business, their families and their own lives - which we all can relate to.

Click here to check out Fanny & Jane.

Click here to enjoy Jen's blog, follow my bliss (and we do!!)

Click here to enjoy Harvard Sailing Team

See you all on Monday!


If you are an interior designer, register with the WSI Design Trade Program.
And check out the new Designer Marketplace blog featuring sneak peeks on seasonal trends, inspiration and behind-the-scenes love.

* * * * *

The lovely Kylie Springman of Effervescence Photography has donated a free Blogger portrait - valued at $350! Session is for anywhere in the New York Tri-State Area and will last up to two hours. Within two weeks of the session, the winner will get a CD of up to twenty high-resolution images, complete with post-processing, that the winner can print or share digitally as they wish. Another great part - Kylie will work with you to design a session that shows the world who you are, with images that will be ideal for use on Twitter, your blog, your website, and anywhere else you want to put them.

* * * * *

We love to giveaways things at our events and BLOG OUT LOUD 6 has some great ones! Aside from our lovely goodie bag for the first 40 guests, we will be picking 3 lucky winners to have one of these sweet gems shown above.

There's still a bit of room open for the BOL 6 event in NYC on 6.14.10 ::

RSVP :: rebecca@sweetlineagency.com or meganatthebeach@mac.com