Take those e-friends offline

Hey BOL friends, so Megan and I have been chatting about Blog Out Loud 6 and details for a possible upcoming event in June. We can't believe that we are on event 6 already - what a fab ride! We really started this as a place for people to learn and inspire to embrace social media and connect and people have been doing just that - yes!

All this connecting online and spending time doing it (yes, it takes a lot of time) does have it's rewards and many of them involve taking your e-friendships offline. After a relaxing trip with my family and visiting gorgeous places like Red Rock, NV, I had a great brunch with BOL 5 panelist, Jeanine of @AphroChic on Saturday. We talked and laughed (and ate really good food!) and I regard her as a mutual design lover and new friend. What a neat result of all this blogging stuff! As you go about your day with your business and clients, include blogging and tweeting into the mix. It's worth it! You will create a community, you will join other communities and you will have new and supportive people in your life.

Check back in over the next few weeks for details about Blog Out Loud 6!