5 Thoughts on Blog Presentation

:: Me (Rebecca) and my camera. I didn't realize I snapped this pic since the flash is off and I was getting ready to shoot the interior of the wine bar. Random/funny) ::

We talked about so many things at BOL 6 a few days ago but time ran out and we didn't really get to the importance of presentation, or the actual look of your blog. Ok, here's the deal - it is important to have a strong visual impact on your blog. Like your own business, being thoughtful about your blog design (as well as content) shows that you care, simply put. Here are a few tips to get you on your pretty blogging way.

1 :: Fab Photos
Forget your blurry, uncropped photos and use lovely ones that showcase your thoughts. Bright + strong photos go a LONG way. Case in point - Bakearella. Her photos are INSANE and keeps me coming back to see what news photos and treats she has on her blog.

2 :: Original Photos

Reblogging and posting is definitely fine but always consider placing your own photos on your blog. I take my camera everywhere with me (see above - yes, that's me at fave spot
ino enjoying some wine that I took by accident.) so when I see something cool, interesting, relevant for my blogs, I snap away.

3 :: Font + Justifying R/L
Be consistent with your font and your font layout. We like to justify the font right/left so it looks like one solid block of copy. And we use the same font each post (arial in this case). These little details add presentation style to your blog.

4 :: White Space

Keep you blog fresh and clean of clutter. It's fine to have sidebar, footer, etc but try to add in some negative or white space so your posts become the focal point, not all the clutter around it.

5 :: Color Palette
Consider the tone of your blog and the relevance to your brand. Pick a color palette and stick with it. Again, this adds consistency and style on your blog.

How do you create style on own blog? Let us know!



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