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What a great evening it was last night.
It's interesting how much things have changed and evolved in Social Media. When Rebecca and I first started doing Blog Out Loud events, we focused mainly on blogging. The name sort of sums it up!
Over the past year, social media has exploded, morphed and become a vital aspect of commerce. Last night's panel was a great example of several different business models using Social Media in their own unique way, to reach their particular consumer, client or audience.
Covering varying areas of the LifeStyle vertical, we had everyone from sole ownerships to those working under a larger umbrella. It was really fascinating information.
With each Blog Out Loud, Rebecca and I learn so much more about this every changing media and the community that it creates.

We hope you'll make it to our next event.....
And we loved seeing all of you who made it to this one.


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