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this is one of the photos that defines rebecca's point of view for harmony and home.

i can honestly get lost for hours clicking on all the fabulous blog links out there. seriously. hours. as i read different blogs, i really get to e-know the person behind the writing from their posts, tone of voice, all that good stuff. the neat thing is to hear how people got started blogging and how their blog has evolved. rebecca from harmony + home describes a bit of her blog evolution...

"I got to thinking about why I originally put together this blog. At first, it was a desire to speak interior design with all the other designers and bloggers out there who had such incredible blogs and information to share. But, then I thought about my blog name. Harmony and Home. Where balance, serenity and living come together. I try to achieve this everyday in my life, because life can be so chaotic. So, in an effort to speak harmonious homes to you, I thought about what makes a home harmonious to me. Symmetry, balance, organic materials, and simple color palettes are a start. So, I’ve gathered together some wonderful images that speak Harmony and Home to me."

rock on, rebecca! what an inspiration for all you new bloggers out there. check out rebecca's lovely blog right here.
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