"vlog" and "webisode" make it into Merriam-Webster

Here's one of Blog Out Loud's webisodes | "Hi, I Have A Blog"

hello Blog Out Loud readers - hope your summers have been fun and relaxing! i wanted to share with you about Merriam-Webster's 2009 list of 100 new words that have been added, including blogosphere-style words,
vlog (aka video blogging) and webisode. Very cool!

what an impact this medium has had on blogging and expressing yourself! as you begin and continue building writing your blog, adding video will definitely be a consideration. While we have some some great Blog Out Loud webisodes right here (moments from our Blog Out Loud event that we filmed ourselves), you can also use resources like Vimeo and YouTube to share relevant and engaging video to your readers. Just load up the html right to your post. (click Edit Html to place it at the top).
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