Blog Out Loud's 10 Favorite Reasons To Blog
2009 Wrap Up

When we thought of the idea for Blog Out Loud, we really didn't know how it would go. Our goal - let's do one event to inspire creative people and see if people enjoy it. Six months, four offline events, a blog, webisodes, a network, workshops and many new e-friends and real friends, we are thrilled to see this community grow! As the 2010 is arriving (yay!), I wanted to share my ten favorite reasons to blog that I learned and appreciated in 2009.

1 :: connecting to community
One of my favorite things about blogging is the community. The blogosphere is a real thing that is fluid and constantly evolving and people just want to connect to each other and share similar values and experiences.

2 :: reflecting and rethinking how I look at my own brand
I always love living in small space and blogging about them has actually allowed me to see certain ideas, resources and solutions in a new light. I also can now define certain design styles that I love but hadn't really realized before I started blogging about them often.

3 :: meeting amazing like-minded people online and in real life
Like connecting online, blogging has allowed me to meet amazing new friends offline. Through Blog Out Loud events, I've had the pleasure of meeting tons of new friends, all whom love blogging, are creative and like design.

4 :: appreciating my physical space more
It's easy to get stuck online, blogging, reading other blogs, reading more blogs. When I turn my computer off and get out to ride my bike, flip through a magazine, hang out with friends, I actually appreciate this physical time.

5 :: touching the lives of other people in a small way
When I got into blogging, I just wanted to write and express my love of design + small spaces. What ended up happening was much more then that. I started receiving emails and comments from the sweetest people telling me that they enjoyed my blog, also lived in small spaces or thank you for writing about small spaces. Wow!! I didn't realize at the time how global the blogosphere is and how my little blog could be read my my family and people around the world!

6 :: expressing myself in a creative outlet
As I reflected on my love of design, I soon learned that blogging was a wonderful outlet to express myself. I soon understood the addictive quality to blogging.

7 :: getting it out of my system
And like my writing, I also soon learned that blogging about design the best way to get my love of new products out of my system and adopted the ideas of if you can't buy it, blog it!

8 :: look and observe the world in a new way
I have my camera with me all the time and really observe the world in a new way. Anything and everything could be inspiration for a potential post, even dining out. :)

9 :: documenting my life
Even though I blog about small space living, my blog is kind of a lifestyle blog. Two years and over 600 posts later, I can read back through my blog and remember what I was doing and enjoying at the time. It's been an incredible way to document my life. Well a blog is an online journey, after all.

10 :: because I love it!
I blog because I love it and I love it for all the reasons listed!

HAPPY 2010!

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