Take a Blogging Break & Enjoy Your Physical Space
SheSays Event 11.11.09

I attended a great panel on Wednesday that was hosted by SheSays, an awesome organization for women empowering women! (I was honored to speak on their last panel)

The panel was called "Let's Get Physical" and was about appreciating and enjoying one's physical space - whether an in-person interaction, flipping through a real book, enjoying a museum, etc. The main idea was that so much of our life is online now that we can sometimes dismiss the physical nature of things. So what are we missing? Real physical energy and drive.

The panel was full of creative ladies who have created a balance of working online and making time for offline. It's so important in the blogging world to really shut down the computer and get out. (Yes, that means turning off the iphone too, friends!) So next time you are feeling restless or need that break - take it! Go on a walk, meet a friend for coffee, head to your local music store and listen to music there, just enjoy your physical space and your creative juices will keep flowing.

And the event also had the best party project ever - make your own headbands. The ladies of Academy of Archivists (also hosts and super talented creative people) created a fabulous workstation for all of the guests to enjoy! Check out my gold headband with black feathers - yum!

For more about SheSays, click right here. And the founders of SheSays are smack in the middle of a kickstartr push so SUPPORT THEM!!! Click here for their kickstartr page and spread the word!!


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the academy of archivists said...

rebecca, thanks so much for the shout out! we were stoked you attended and enjoyed it. see you soon:)
alison williams

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