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It can seem like a blog eat blog world out there with more than 2 blogs popping up, every 2 seconds. But remember, you have a unique voice and there's no reason to get lost in the shuffle. The competition should only make you more eager to have your voice heard and to be taken notice of.

In the first few weeks of blogging, I sheepishly ordered my moo cards from flickr, thinking, 'gosh, I only have a handful of readers and the majority of those are my family! what am I doing??' It wasn't long before I was boldly, tacking a few up at the local coffee houses around town, handing them to mere strangers in line at the bagel shop, shop clerks and even sending them to magazine editors.
Self promotion is an absolute must if you're goal is to gain an ever increasing audience of loyal readers. While there are so many ways to approach this, I love the simplicity of creating these handy little calling cards.
We'll be discussing more on this topic at the Blog Out Loud event. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait!


Sole Sista PR said...

wow.. excellent idea.. I am a lifestyle publicist and I use to put my old fashion blog on the back of my business cards. What I am gong to do now is create little flyers for all the shoe boutiques in houston. I figure if I spend at least 150 a month on my blogging hobby it could't hurt. I will be at the next blogging out loud event for sure.

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