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one of my own fave thoughts at Blog Out Loud a few weeks ago was when Megan simply stated "there's always room for a new blog". And this couldn't be more true! Many people have told me their desire (really, that's the word being thrown around) to start blogging, creating, writing and connecting but feel that their topic or idea has been there and done that.

This is the deal...yes, that is all true, your topic has probably been blogged. The reality, though, is that your own perspective on the topic has not been been incorporated into a blog and that's what will make your blog special, interesting, inviting and on it's way to appealing to tons of people. I blog about living in small spaces. Yea, there's about, oh, a ton of blogs that cover this topic but not the way I do it and with my voice. That's the thought here.

I have worked in advertising for that last 11 years and talk about been there, done that when it comes to ideas but that's advertising. What's so neat about seeing behind the curtain of how advertising agencies create work is that they twist and reinvent an old idea into a new, fresh and relevant ad from their own perspective.

So take your idea, find a platform and get blogging!

Blog Out Loud's weekly reminder to get blogging can be read every Tuesday so check back in next week. Email us with your new blog name and we'll post it in our sidebar with a link.

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