Best Widget For Bloggers

One of the things that makes blogging easy and fluid are the free widgets that you can add to your sidebar or within your post template. From search box, to Google Connect, to link lists there are tons of free widgets that can make your blog rich and readable. My favorite by far - LinkWithin. This free widget can be added to your blog in literally 3 steps. It posts related reads automatically under each post that you publish (and any that had previously been published). So any and all of your old blog posts can be recycled to your continuing and new readers - yes!! Click here to add LinkWithin to your blog.

Blog Widget by LinkWithin


ME and Blue said...

Thanks! I just added that widget and it was really easy. As always, you have really easy to understand, yet effective tips! M.E.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

This is awesome...thanks so much. I enjoy reading your blog.

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