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It's been a busy start to 2010 and I am now catching up on a little Blog Out Loud love. Megan and I are chatting about the next BOL event so please stay tuned for news about a San Francisco panel in February or early March. As the year gets going and more and more people are embracing blogging and social media, I have seen more emphasis on defining one's blog. Not really as the topics, like home design, lifestyle, food, etc but rather the structure, style and tone of the blog. One of my own daily reads, On The Web With Kim Valle, has a nice post about this topic. Per Kim, are you:
  • a creator of new content – ex: a crafter,
  • a collector – blog is about what you like,
  • a curator – like I am
  • a news publisher – being the source of all the news about a specific topic
  • a problem solver
  • one that inspires people to act or create
  • a commentator, someone who shares his/her perspectives on issues and ideas, etc…
Consider who you are and how you want your blog to feel to others. And this may change as you get your own blog up and running. You'll slowly see what you enjoy writing and how your readers are responding to you. Take some time and define your blog, it will help you stay focused and become the foundation for your blogging adventure.


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