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Stephanie J of N.E.E.T. Magazine


We discovered visual and inspiring online magazine, N.E.E.T., this Fall and fell in love with imagery and style. We quickly popped over to the blog which was also full of great posts and images as well. To our surprise, the blog had only been live for, oh, about 1 month! Wow!! We emailed the editor, Stephanie, and asked her to participate in a Blog Out Loud interview and we were thrilled when she agreed to share her story. Oh, and she's an accomplished designer so if you need a little website built or logo designed, check her portfolio out - it's amazing!

You launched N.E.E.T. magazine in 2005, which "is an eco-friendly, grassroots style bible for the digital age." We are insanely inspired by your magazine! Although you've been online for a while, you just started a blog this September. What inspired you to start a blog and how are you enjoying it?
I wanted to keep interest in N.E.E.T. between its quarterly issues and, as in every issue I feature a new set of designers and artists to keep the content fresh and showcase more designers, I wanted a place to catch up with past contributors. It's great to have a daily creative outlet, and to see that people are still creating, years since N.E.E.T. first found them.

Your blog is already full of great content! How did you jump in to posting content and how have you made time to post?
I'm constantly on the internet! And I love to revisit past shops and sites that were featured in the magazine, so it's a natural extension for me to create a blog for N.E.E.T. Making the magazine is a full time job, but I can always find time for a blog post.

How did you design the look of your blog? (It looks great!) What were 3 things that were important for you to have on your blog? (i.e. sponsorship areas, sidebar widgets, custom header, etc)
It's an instinctual process for me - I like the way the content flows, reading from left to right - and I've kept the dimensions of images posted on the blog the same as N.E.E.T., to keep continuity between them. It was important to have an advertising area on the blog to give more exposure to shops and designers; thumbnail links for all the past issues; and easy navigation to info on N.E.E.T., and its external links (Facebook, Myspace etc)

With the addition of your blog, have you already started to see new connections and/or networking opportunities for your brand, N.E.E.T.?
It's great to connect with other blogs in a way that the magazine can't - on sites such as Bloglovin, Independent Fashion Bloggers, Twitter. I've done a few ad swaps with my favourite blogs, which helps get the word out.

Thanks, Stephanie J!  Definitely check out N.E.E.T. magazine and support this creative venture!! And, of course, the N.E.E.T. blog as well.

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