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:: i live by the beach and often talk about it on my blog, loving. living. small.
Is this small space dwelling?

not so much but the colors and textures of my city inspire my small space design. ::

one of the neat things about a blog is that you can really write about anything, even off topic to your "voice". your readers want to get to know you so share more with them! One way to share more about who you are and also to create original content is to blog about your own neighborhood. Talk about where your business is or where you live and why you love it there! Always snap photos of your surroundings for inspiration and include them in your posts. Your loyal readers will love seeing how and where you live and this gives you a break from writing all those witty and appealing posts!

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ME and Blue said...

Thanks for this! I was inspired this morning by a new restaurant being renovated and wondered if it would be relevant. I think so! M.E.

Cristin said...

I am a fairly new blogger and am hooked!

loving. living. small. said...

Welcome Cristin!! Send us your blog url - would love to see it! And ME & Blue - yes!! I am all for sharing your neighborhood love!

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