>> don't be afraid to take a blogging break.
but make a time to come back to your blog

blogging takes time. a lot of time. and some times, you need a life break. don't be afraid to take a break from blogging to focus on other things. I spotted evite's blog hiatus (photo above) and wanted to share it with you. They told their readers that they are working on some new projects and will be back in a few months. I like how they gave a time line and also that they left links to some of their previous posts. Once you get up and running and need to take a break, then go for it. But don't leave your community hanging - they will come back to see you and if you are not there after many months then I wouldn't count on them coming back. 

Blog Out Loud's hiatus tip - consider scheduling 1 photo post a week on Fridays to encourage your readers to enjoy the weekend. Or something like that. Photo posts are simple and you are at least staying a bit connected while your focus is somewhere else. Most blogging platforms allow you to schedule the date and time so take some time to do that. It's worth it!

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Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

I took a blogging break this week, but kept my audience coming back with a new guest post every day. It took some time to recruit the bloggers/format/schedule, but it was totally worth it!

loving. living. small. said...

Michelle - awesome!! Guest posting is such a great way to take a break from your own blog while sharing the light with other fab bloggers!

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