>> the heartfelt blog post and the get it done blog post

I've been blogging long enough to realize a few patterns in regards to posting content. I've asked fellow bloggers about some of these patterns and they concur. Ok, so at least I am not alone here.

One of the more interesting patterns that I have experienced is the
heartfelt blog post. I would be really inspired by something, write tons of original content that was full of witty sayings, hyperlinks and engaging questions to my readers and.....barely a response. (maybe at least in my head). The funny thing is I felt good after writing the post so the reward is definitely there.

There there's
the get it done blog post. this post is definitely short and sweet, often without much thought with the simple goal of getting a post up so you can keep your readers happy and your blog consistent. Inevitably, these posts often get a lot of traffic and interest.

Either way, continue writing your thoughtful posts and your quick and simple posts on your blog. You'll start to see your own patterns and can navigate through them as you please.

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cassandra @ coco+kelley said...

SO true. the short ones tend to get more comments. the long ones are obviously too much for most people to handle! but sometimes very necessary - if only for yourself. good point rebecca!

Ange said...

I've only been blogging for a short while but that does appear to be the trend. I guess the trick then is to write several short posts on a hearfelt topic!

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