>>best tips for starting your blog

>> i am *happy* to see my first follower at my new micro-blog. Getting more will take time.

we've been blogging for a while now. or a while in blogging standards. i started my blog in jan 08 and megan started her blog in jan 07. in this time, we've had, well, time. time to create content, connect with people, link to other blogs we love, e-meet other bloggers, etc. but in the beginning slow going is how it went. and it most likely will be that way for you. it takes time to build your blogging audience but they will come and they will leave comments and you will love it!


>>keep it in perspective. you just started!

>>keep your blog set to private and then write a bunch of posts. once you have about 10 - 20 written, announce your blog to the public.

>>email and comment. get out there! if you love a blog, tell the blogger. if you love a product, tell the blogger. we are all doing this to connect and bloggers love hearing from bloggers.

>> don't worry so much about the "perfect design" of your blog. you will change it. a lot. (see our current Q & A's for inspiration)

>>don't give up - part 1. blogging does take time in your day but keep going. like anything, the first few weeks are tough but after a month, it will become second-hand and part of your daily routine.

>>don't give up - part 2. it will feel like no one is reading your blog and you may feel a little, well, silly, writing an online journal with that feeling. but people will be and probably are already reading. i decided to add a micro-blog to loving. living. small. called i heart living small. i started it 4 days ago and today saw that i had 1 follower. yay! the point - people will read so go for it!


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Michelle said...

loving. living. small is so great!! I just subscribed and have starred about 3 things already. :)

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