>>mini Q & A with a Blog Out Loud panelist
Cassandra of Coco + Kelley

I first e-met Cassie in Spring 08 when I found her lovely blog and immediately sent her a note to say "hi, i love your blog!". A lunch at The Little Door Next Door and an LA Bloggers afternoon, we are friends, having met through blogging. that is one of the best rewards of this whole blogging thing - connecting! penning the fabulous coco + kelley blog and offering insane amounts of gorgeous photos, images, lifestyle + wedding bliss, Cassie is a fab blogger, writier, visionary, you name it! Come hear what she has to say at the 2nd Blog Out Loud event on Sunday, Aug 23. In the meantime, here's a little look into her blogging routine.

How did you get into blogging? What inspired you, if anything?
I have to thank one of my best friends for getting me into blogging in the first place. She kept sending me posts from some of the blogs that have been around for a while, like Decor8 and Design*Sponge, and I started thinking, "Hey, I could do this..." Plus, the hyper-organized side of me realized it was a great way to keep track of all my favorite things in a searchable way instead of folders stuffed with old magazine tear sheets. I've always wanted to work in the magazine world, and I think blogs are the modern-day magazine in some ways, so I think I found that side of it very appealing. I like approaching some of my posts from a more editorial standpoint and try to make the content useful instead of just pretty pictures (although, I think we can all agree that sometimes a pretty picture is just what you need!).

What's been the best reward since you began your blog?
Two things that have come out of my blog that have been amazing rewards: making new connections and having my own company. I didn't start coco+kelley thinking that I would launch a business out of it, but that's where it's led me and it's so amazing to be doing what I love (interior and event design) because of my blog! However, I honestly think the larger reward has been all the creative, awesome people (like the gals behind BOL!) that I've met through the blogging community. Whether they've been clients, readers, fellow bloggers or even people on the PR and media side of things, it's been such a great way to expand the global social circle!

Best tip for writing original content.
Write from your heart. If you're not writing about what you love, people will know. Don't copy content (duh), but DO get inspired by others. If you repost something you've found, explain why, or put your own twist on it. Make it personal. And give credit where it's due. Don't follow trends, write what you know and you think. And always, always illustrate your point with quality photos.

How many times have you changed your blog layout?
Ha! I have no idea. I've probably had a few major revamps, but I'm constantly looking at my layout and tweaking it. I'm currently considering switching from Blogger to Wordpress and am completely mortified at the thought, but I also love doing a little makeover to keep things fresh, so we'll see!

Thanks, Cassie!!

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Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I am loving these little interviews! They're so nice for those of us who won't be at the event. I love Coco + Kelley!


Funny, I realized that I do not actually..personally know any other blogger...
other than virtually of course. Must be nice.

My friends and family cannot or do not "follow" me.

The mutual exchange of thoughts and ideas and practical endeavors...it must be nice.

Hook me up!

Creategirl said...

Cassie is one of the sweetest most supportive bloggers out there. Not to mention she has AMAZING style. BOL in San Fran will have a blast meeting her.

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