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Chrisitana of Clever Spaces | ferm living

How to Wallpaper from ferm LIVING shop on Vimeo.

we are lucky to have the incredibly creative and sweet Christiana as one of our panelists. She is the owner of ferm living, an online shop full of wallpaper, stickers, kitchen decor, pillows and more, she has her Clever Spaces blog and has started the inspiring shop, Hygge and West, with her best friend. Wow - I know I'll learn a lot from her myself about managing time! Learn a little bit more about Christiana below and come meet her in person at the 2nd Blog Out Loud event in a few weeks.

How did you get into blogging? What inspired you, if anything?
We thought it’d be a great way to share with our customers as we learned more about wallpaper and the perfect way to share wallpaper inspiration and build a community of wallpaper enthusiasts. As we’ve grown, it has been a really fun to share photographs of ferm living in people’s home, DIY projects, interior design, products sales, and just random thoughts about life...

What's been the best reward since you began your blog?
When someone leaves us a positive or supportive comment. That is the best!

Best tip for writing original content.
Keep the text focused, not too wordy, and always accompanied by pretty/inspiring photographs.

How many times have you changed your blog layout?
Just two!

Thanks, Christiana!

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