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Susannah from Petunia Face Girl

We are very honored to have Susannah of Petunia Face Girl as one of our lovely panelists for the 2nd Blog Out Loud event on 8.23.09. Insanely funny and real, Susannah's poignant and honest writing about her life and her family is a great example of how showcasing your real personal self through your blog works. Click here to learn the details for the event and meet Susannah. In the meantime, enjoy a little Q & A with Susannah.

How did you get into blogging? What inspired you, if anything?
My blog was a birthday present I gave myself two years ago, August 30th.
I fell through the rabbit hole of reading blogs when I was on maternity leave the summer of 2006. My husband would leave the house for work every morning and I'd be left with my baby, my friends at their own jobs, and I felt so alone. I started reading blogs and suddenly I had a thousand new friends all available through my monitor. They were other moms, designers, people who watched the same bad reality tv--I was hooked and blogs saved me.
Eventually I went back to work, sucked back into the real world. I missed blogs, but even more so, I missed writing. I had studied Creative Writing in graduate school and really missed that part of me. I started my blog to begin writing again.

What's been the best reward since you began your blog?
Not to sound too cheesy, but self-discovery. Really there's no un-cheesing that, so here goes: just finding that I do have something to say. Sometimes it's about bubble baths, other times about motherhood. It's not always important or funny even, but it's mine.

Best tip for writing original content.
Be honest. I tend to gravitate toward blogs that are honest, whether it's a personal blog or a blog about fireplaces. Whatever. Blogs aren't a place to bs (there's enough of that in the real world).

How many times have you changed your blog layout?
Maybe 3 times? Although if I were more html literate I would not be able to keep my hands off. Which is why I also will never learn how to cut hair.

Thanks, Susannah!

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