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Great night, Great People

The bloggers on the panel chatting with moderator, Megan

Thank you, BellJar!

Last night's Blog Out Loud event was a great success! Thank you to an amazing panel of bloggers - Cassie, Christiana, Lynn, Susannah, Sasha and Anne - who really shared the goods on what blogging means to them, inspiration for blogging, real life stories of finding time, balancing blogging, life, husbands or boyfriends (they still don't all know who we are "talking" to online all the time :), blogging etiquette, tips for creating original content, an editorial schedule, networking advice and what not to do, how to schedule a "lazy" blogging day and more.

And another thank you to Sasha of
BellJar for donating her gorgeous shop to us for the evening and for sitting on the panel. You must go there now if you live in SF. Or just book a trip to SF and go see her shop. Thank you to all the Etsy sponsors for the goodie bag - full of such incredible items. (Click here for a peek into the goodie bag.) And to Fleurt and Robyn Pope for the lovely floral arrangements. What an amazing community of people!

And finally a huge THANK YOU to the attendees! The shop was packed and we appreciate you coming to this event and engaging in great conversation. Blog Out Loud is a place to get inspired to blog - there's room for everyone and no right or wrong way to do it. Your way is perfect for you!

We want to hear from you!! See that little sidebar to the right as you scroll down the blog? If you have some time, let us know what you thought about the event by taking our poll. And we love your stories! Email us about your own blog inspiration.

Blog Out Loud TV will be up in the next few weeks. Mini-moments from the event. In the meantime, check out some photos from the event and check back in soon for details for the next Blog Out Loud event in Los Angeles in October.


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Logan said...

It was awesome! I was too nervous to mingle afterwards, but it was so incredible to see people whose blogs I've been reading for years now...it really was a treat.

Thanks to you both for putting it on. And Megan, your husband was so nice to me! What a guy.

Simply Mel said...

What a phenomenal idea! I'm so sorry that I found out about it after the fact...boo-hoo! Well, at least now I am 'in the know'!

loving. living. small. said...

logan, thanks for coming and definitely say hello next time :) And we will be having more of these panels so keep in touch for details, Simply Mel!

whitney said...

Thanks so much for hosting this event. I found it extremely informative and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

love the FP top miss thang.


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