>>Oprah could use a little Blog Out Loud love

I've been a fan of Oprah's for many years. I tivo Oprah. I like her design shows, often showing Nate Berkus making over small spaces. I checked out her site recently - have you been on it? Tons of information and user-friendly. I spotted a little button for Producers' Blogs and it took me to a page listing 14 of her Producers and each had their very own blog. What a neat way to connect with the viewers! They are on it! Um, actually, no they are not.

I clicked on one, then another, and then another. Let's say they all got going around the same time in March with what looked like good intentions and then pretty much dropped off by May. They did about 3 posts average each. They offer a "send a message" button so I thought I would say hello and write a note. Guess what? I received an error message saying that "my message was rejected because the recipient's mailbox was full." bummer.

I think their effort to create these blogs and provide a unique point of view and access is a great idea for their brand and for their viewers to feel connected - what we talk about via Blog Out Loud. To provide access and the inspiration behind the brand, their show in this case, is great and I hope they get it back up. That being said, they are kind of missing the point and it shows right online by the lack of posts and lack of access. I definitely understand how busy they must be but they can take steps to put blogging into their routine. This example shows that it's important to keep up with your blogging. While it takes time and energy, it's incredibly rewarding and important for your business brand. I am thinking Megan and I can do a little Blog Out Loud event with them? Hi Oprah, we are available :)

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