5 great benefits of creative blogging

1) Your clients and customers already are attracted to you. People that have already worked with you or have purchased something from your store already find you appealing. You are already more then halfway there. Providing a blog for your clients and customers to read and enjoy is an opportunity to take these relationships further. The goal = return business. The reward = amazing!

2) think of your blog as another way to connect to community. creative people are a dynamic + savvy + interesting group. you thrive on sharing your creative side with others and, in turn, connecting. blogging is this by way of an online journal.

3) extending your brand. your website is your professional self and your blog is your personal self. while the same look and feel, they really are 2 separate components for your company. Look at your blog as another opportunity to brand you or your company. You will definitely attract new people by way of your blog. And if they like your blog, guess where they'll go next? Your website.

4) you have worked hard (really hard) to get your creative company up and running. i am sure that so many incredible experiences have happened and will continue to happen as you run your company and grow your creative business. your blog is a place for you too. write about it. share yourself with your clients and customers. they want to know more about you, what inspires you, who you are, all that good stuff.

5) your blog is also a place to give back to your particular community. simple things like adding a blogroll or doing a post about another company like yours will create support and community. the blogosphere may seem large but it is about connection. your peers are reading your blog too and seeing their company in a blogroll link is a super positive thing.


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