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Put It Out There, Get It Back

{check what kate spade *loves* on her own blog}

when I started blogging almost two years ago, I didn't really know about the "community" aspect. (i'll tell you my story at Blog Out Loud) i was, well, surprised and immediately engaged at the welcoming hand given when I started loving. living. small.

over the months of finding my tone (yea, it moves and navigates with you, which we can also chat about at the event) I have posted things i *love*. really, that's what it is for me. Things that inspire and appeal to me and, in turn, I hope appeals to my lovely readers. (they are really great!) while I do post tons of original content, i also enjoy posting about products, ideas, and style that other fab bloggers and writers have covered. spreading the love, pointing out the love is what it's about.

it's connecting and supporting and, well, spreading the love.



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