post inspirations may be right around the corner

One of my favorite ways to get inspired for a post, is by visiting a great boutique. Most successful boutiques are the off spring of some passionate, creative visionary with a lot of determination and a thorough knowledge of the product. Venice stationary shop, Urbanic is no exception.
Proprietress, *Audrey Woolen, knows her graphics, specialty paper goods and all things ephemeral, through and through. Her own creative talent is obvious, as the store is beautifully laid out and photo-op ready - alternately, a place to get lost in your own experience and a perfect blog posting moment.

Whenever I want to share with my readers a new find like Urbanic, I make sure I let the owner know that I'd like to come in and shoot the shop. { they're usually thrilled, but appreciate the heads up } The place may look flawless to you but chances are, the shop owner wants to get things 'just so'. It's also a great time for the owner to promote something they'd like to highlight- a new line of stationary, candles, a great hostess gift, etc.
I think it's important to get to know the owner a bit too. There's always a great story behind it all that, in the end, is sure to give you an interesting post that's visually exciting, has a great story and showcases some hot, new product.
*Audrey Woolen is also the blogger of Parcel Post and will be a panel member at the upcoming Blog Out Loud event .



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