mini Q & A with a Blog Out Loud panelist
Jonathan of Happy Mundane

Yea! Megan and I are thrilled that talented art director and design blogger, Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane, is participating in our 1st Blog Out Loud event on June 4th. Here's a mini Q & A with Jonathan about blogging.

Any writing tips when it comes to blogging?

Don't stress on it too much. Don't worry about your writing having to be too formal either. It's just a blog. I like to keep things light, personal and conversational.

Best advice for someone who is just starting a creative blog?

1- Blog about what you love.
2- I always like to keep a camera handy- I use the one on my phone all the time. The strongest posts are generally the ones with an accompanying visual- there's something always interesting going on to document!
3- Try to stay consistent when you blog. If a person comes to your blog and it hasn't been updated often, it's usually hard to get them to keep coming back
4- if you post something you saw on someone else's blog, try to always give credit and a link back

Your fave blog to read?

There's way too many to pick just one!

Click here to check out some fab design inspiration from Happy Mundane. And click here to learn more about the Blog Out Loud event.
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