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Making New Friends

One thing that we'll be chatting about at the Blog Out Loud event is community and connecting. I still am in awe of the lovely community that is available and very present in the blogging world. Sure, there are snarky negative types but that's anywhere. 95% of the people you e-meet are amazing, talented and simply want to support and share! That's why starting a blog for your business is a great thing - the support from fellow creative bloggers who, well, just love what you are saying and showing on your own blog.

One of my first e-friends was the lovely Cassie of Coco + Kelley. We e-met over a year ago and then met in real life. She has a seriously inspiring style blog that has been showcased by Martha Stewart and featured in Lucky magazine. She spreads the love (like this lovely mentioned about Blog Out Loud) and is all about support.

A new e-friend is the sweet Franki from Life In A Venti Cup. I recently emailed to tell her I enjoyed her blog and she sweetly responded and we are now e-friends, sharing the love and support.

I know that when you all start your fab blogs, your will interact, meet and support other bloggers. It's part of this crazy blogging thing and it's super rewarding!


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franki durbin said...

Rebecca, you are so sweet! Hopefully later this year we'll make the switch from eFriends to real friends.

I'll try to make it to Cali this fall :)

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