mini Q & A with a Blog Out Loud panelist
Richele of Richie Designs

we are thrilled to have the talented Richele of Richie Designs on the panel for Blog Out Loud next week. Richele's love of letterpress design inspired her to launch her own company. And with some blogging experience already up her sleeve, she added a blog to compliment her company. Here's a mini Q & A with Richele.

Best tip on balancing blogging time with your company?
Write or post about what you love or what's happening at the moment in your life. Keep things short [which I have not followed today]. A couple of paragraphs are enough for any reader. We are all in information shorter is better.

Favorite thing to blog about?
Fashion, most notably shoes. AGGGH, I have a horrid shoe problem. I love them so much, the higher the heel and the more expensive they are generally lead me to greater love.

I live vicariously through those posts [and my art] though. After a spine surgery at 21, I don't have a back that allows me to wear high heels anymore and my bank account...well it only approves of a great deal$$.

Favorite blog to read?
Jeez this is so hard. I have so many that I read daily they're all like distant girlfriends to me. One of the women that I love dearly decided to step out of the blog world a few months ago, Karey at Mackin Ink. I adored her writing style I miss reading about her, her girls and Uncle Sugar living in Jordan very much.

Suzannah at Petunia Faced Girl is definitely on the list. Her writing is the anti-mommy blog which I just adore. She seems to write about the most hilarious and sometimes heart wrenching daily life struggles with plenty of four letter words. A girl after my own heart.

Post Secret is a site that I wished refreshed daily. I have to wait each week for newbies.

The New York Times Design and Fashion Blog has been a favorite lately as well as Simple Song and beast pieces. I admire both of them greatly with their work in letterpress. Some people get all bent that other designers follow their work but I believe everyone is inspired by different things and everyone's style is different. Someone who likes my work is probably looking for something different than what they do and vice versa.

Check out Richele's blog here and learn more about her experience at the Blog Out Loud event on June 4th at Patio Culture. Click here to learn more about the event.

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