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Life is busy and as a creative person, you are most likely being pulled in a million different directions. Time is not always on your side. That’s where we can help.
Building a blog is a valuable opportunity to create an online presence. We will work with you to become a confident and successful blogger by providing tools, exercises, ideas, knowledge and a lot of inspiration to guide you as you set up and begin your blog.

Is This For Me.

The Blog Out Loud Consulting package is for anyone or any business with a desire to break into the blogosphere with a strong presence and the knowledge to give you an optimum shove at that starting gate.

What You Get.
Blog Out Loud Consulting is a virtual consulting service created by seasoned bloggers, Rebecca Orlov and Megan Arquette. For an affordable fee, you will get a customized e-Book built specifically for your blog genre, style and goals plus the Marketing Guide and the detailed questionnaire that you filled out. Consider this questionnaire as your own streamlined personal guide that will continue to help you on your creative goals. And we will really spend time working with you on what you need and need to know. What began solely as a symposium style event has quickly turned into a one-on-one opportunity for individuals and businesses to learn from the experts the power of blogging.

Where It All Goes Down.
The beauty of this program is that it’s done in your own home, cubical, neighborhood coffee shop or where ever you call ‘office’. There is an initial 30 minute e-conversation conducted via Skype {a free downloadable program} where in we e-meet with you, answer any questions and begin the process of customizing your consultation and e-Book.

How We Work.
After we initially Skype with you, the BOL team will get to work working to provide you with an in-depth BOL Questionnaire , a Marketing Guide and a reservation to start building your customized e-Book.

When Is The Right Time Start.
Whether you’ve been putting this off long enough or are chomping at the bit to get this party started, now is the time to contact the BOL team and reserve a time for your personalized consultation. Consider this, every second more than 2 blogs are being created. No matter how you look at it, this is a medium that’s here to stay and will continue to become an integral part of the world.

When Should I Submit Payment.
BOL requests that the payment be done in 2 separate PayPal installments. An up -ront fee is due after the Skype meeting, and will be required in order to receive your questionnaire, marketing guide and reserve a position with the BOL team.

Then what.
Once we have received your detailed questionnaire, we request your final balance in order to begin the process. Then we’ll get to work on building and customizing your own e-Book.

How quick is the process.
A 2 - 4 week turn around is to be expected and we'll stay in touch with you about our progress.

Will the BOL team be available to answer further questions after we're done.
Absolutely, we're happy to consult with you for an hourly fee.

How do I get started.

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