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Tips For Secuing Your Domain Name

you probably spent a lot if time coming up with your company name or your blog name so definitely buy your domain for your online presence. It's very important to maintain consistency between your company name and your website or blog name so your customers and interested parties can find you.

Your domain name is the URL that people will type in to find you. For under $8, you can buy your name so go for it - now! Godaddy is one of many sites that sell names, among tons of other services like web hosting and more. Basically, you lease your name for a length of time (1, 2, 10 years) and pay a fee depending on the length.
If you are a company owner, you are probably already using your domain name for your, well, company. If you haven't added your blog to your website's menu, then consider buying your company name with 'blog' on the end. Here are a few more tips for using your new domain name.


I bought lovinglivingsmall.com to forward my blog to. This is a free service. So now my readers can reach me both ways - .com or blogspot.com.


I have an idea to evolve lovinglivingsmall but am slowly putting the details and ideas together. I decided on a cool name and just bought it. For $8, I was willing to make that investment. I am not ready to use it now but know that I am ready, I have it. Also, knowing that I've secured the name has helped streamline the idea I have.

By 'it' I mean you're finger's on the pulse. You are up to speed. Having a blogpost.com or wordpress.com address is definitely fine but being able to point new customers and people to a plain old .com is also very cool.


There's a chance someone may have your name. But don't worry, there are ways to negotiate and secure your name back. Click here to read an article about How To Buy Domain Names via the 4-Hour Work Week


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