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Don't Let Your Blog Lose Steam

I still laugh at this scene from Swingers, especially at the 1:04 mark. don't let this happen to you and your blog. blogs will get up and running with the best of intentions and then slowly lose steam and pretty much stop posting, like Oprah's Producer blogs. How do you sidestep this situation for yourself when life is busy and work is busy and blogging is the last thing you want to do? Here are a few tips.

Instead of looking at blogging as "one more thing to do that can wait", change that view by making it more important. You put stamps on an envelope? Consider blogging an important step in regards to your business. One can work with the other. As you continue blogging, your readership will grow which means more eyes on your blog and more clicks to your business site.

we've talked about this before - make an editorial schedule to help you manage your time and your creativity. Say Mon - Wed - Fri are your blogging days. Monday can be an about you post. Wed can be a reblog of something that inspired you. Friday can be about things coming down the pike to look forward to. Obviously your schedule will be relevant to you, your brand and your blog.

About a year ago I finally got around to organizing my Firefox bookmarks into folders so now when I get writer's block and need a blog post idea, I can reference "Interior Designers", "Paper Goods" or "Small Space ideas" and get inspired.

Blogging is informal and loose...it's fun! Keep it that way by creating a blog that inspires you as much as other people.


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