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Place Free Downloads of Your Products on Your Blog

mibo lighting & homewares has a free download to make these cute owls.

so i have heard, seen and personally felt a shift this year to a warmer, kinder, more giving society. maybe it's the recession? maybe it's all the sweet blogs out there just talking and sharing? either way, there is a serious trend across the blogosphere where people are just giving away free products and ideas on their blogs. free downloads of fabric patters, gfx backgrounds, photos, small space accents and more are everywhere on blogs.

so consider this, all of you creative folks reading this, take a look at your business and see if you can talk about and then give away something on your own blog? (designer people - like Erin Vale - letterpress people, fabric people, paper goods people, you know who you are! this is right up your alley). i would bet the farm that you'll gain tons of new readers to your blog to see what fabulous goods you are coming up with next and what they can then buy! (yes - your blog links to your business.) Click here and here to get the idea. ok, designers, go!

If you are looking to add your own 'freebie' on your site or blog, create a pdf of it and upload it to your file manager on your site. Then you can click to see the PDF art in a new browser window. Copy the full web address and use that as the link info. (thanks, erin :)

Have a fabulous "freebie" on your blog that you want to share? Let us know about it!

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Katy said...

Question! How exactly do you create a free download? Are there step-by-step instructions somewhere because I would Love to offer a free download, but I don't know how you do it.

loving. living. small. said...

Katy, let me do some research for you and I'll post back here when I get the info.

loving. living. small. said...

Updated the post with a How-To create a 'free download' link to your own site.

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