Fox Evolves Twitter's Role.

if you haven't enjoyed the deliciously new show, Glee, then you can tune-in and tweet-in this Friday. Fox is promoting a "tweet-peat" of the show where viewers can follow and tweet along with producers and cast members of the popluar pilot show (yes, there's only been a pilot shown. the premiere is in a few weeks).

how does this relate to blogging?

if you are blogging and you have a brand, you should consider setting up a twitter account to connect even further with your consumers and loyal followers. and how can you relate Glee's tweet-peat to your own blog? let's say you're having a sale, promote it on your blog and twitter but consider twittering throughout the sale and driving momentum? Potentially bringing new people in? Or promote your new letterpress collection by twittering throughout your launch party?! Inviting your twitter followers to "attend" your events with you will add for more community for your brand.

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Michelle said...

I just watched it yesterday, and it's FANTASTIC! I'm so excited to keep watching. The writing is so smart, and the delivery is spot on.

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