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15 Post Ideas From Just 3 Words

it's common to feel like "a deer in headlights" when it comes to starting a blog, especially when it comes to content. What the hell do I write? creating interesting and relevant content for your blog is important and keeping it up is also important. Here is one exercise you can do to get the post ideas flowing.

>>3 words.

What's your company? Let's say boutique owner. Now define your company in 3 words. Let's say "modern home accessories". The bridge from your business site to your blog will be "modern home accessories". Once you are on the blog side, think about those 3 words and then open them up on a more emotional, personal level. The bullet point list below are just some quick questions I jotted down based on those words that can help you write posts. Answering them are ways to share your story and inspirations with your clients and customers. For example, it's one thing to sell a white pillow. It's another to share the inspiration behind featuring that white pillow in your shop. Maybe your story for why you are selling that pillow appeals to a reader. You just made a "connection" and I'll bet that reader would more likely buy that white pillow from you because of it.
  • Why do you sell modern?
  • What's the inspiration, in general, for selling your products?
  • How did you get into modern?
  • First modern decor that you owned.
  • Where did you get it?
  • What part of the world were you in?
  • Why were you there?
  • How did you choose to get into home + design?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • What is your own home like?
  • How do you incorporate modern into your home?
  • What accessories do you sell in your shop?
  • What inspired you to feature these accessories in your shop?
  • How do you design a space with your accessories?
  • How do you introduce your accessories into different color palettes?
This is one example of how this idea works. Try it yourself and see what your lists looks like. Then take the first question on your list and answer it. Your first post is now done.


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