>>blogging etiquette
Yes, There Is Such A Thing.

as more and more blogs pop up everyday, there's an untold "etiquette" that respectful and responsible bloggers are following. we wanted to share some of these ideas with you as you start your blogging journey so you have the best tools in your blogging pocket, so to speak.

>>credit. if you blog about a product, a thing, an article, use a picture, a source, give proper credit with a hyperlink. (here's one way to do it - the image in this post was originally published via new york magazine and i credited them at the end of this post with a hyperlink to the article itself.)

>>commenting. yes, comment. it's one of the best ways to network and to let your fellow bloggers that you like their blog. but don't leave an email-length comment asking for a link exchange or for that blogger to promote something of yours. if you want to do that, send the blogger an email and say hello - be real and friendly. if you want to leave something after your comment, signing with your blog URL is ok and proper blogging etiquette.

>>emailing someone to exchange links. first things first, commit to your blog and fill it with great content. then, after a few months and after commenting and getting to know your fave blogs, send an email that you'd love to exchange links. if they get back to you to exchange, very nice! if they don't get back to you, that's ok. keep blogging. either way, you've followed the proper blogging etiquette on this one.

>>copying someone's blog. a blog is essentially a person's online journal so make it your own, find your voice and blog about what inspires you. don't copy or recreate a blog that you love, that's that person's blog. sure, you can post about and link to that blog but keep your own blog, well, yours.

>>moderating your comments. if you want to moderate your comments, that's definitely fine. if you get nasty comments, like anything in life, ignore it and move on. don't "get back" at that commentor on your own blog since you are the one that may be placed in the bad light. forget about them and keep blogging. and on that note, what's the point of leaving a negative or bad comment on a blog? if you really have issue with a blogger, don't read that blog or send the blogger an email.

tune in next week when we launch some more Blog Out Loud tv moments from the SF event. Blogging etiquette is one of the topics our panel covered.

::image via 'the urban etiquette handbook' new york magazine::


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