>>33 million reasons to engage in social networking
33 Million People In The Room by Juliette Powell

As you get your blog up and running, you'll begin to see some incredible rewards - new readers, new buyers to your business, new e-friends, new inspiration, perhaps a new way to view your creative business. Consider adding to this by engaging in social networking - a facebook fan page for your business and/or blog and a twitter page, to name a few. These applications allow your readers to connect directly to you and that, in itself, is such a neat way to get to know the people that are inspired by your creative business. But it's more then just that 1 person. Their friends, their friends of friends, etc, now have access to you.

I recently read one of the best and well-written books about the influence of social media, 33 Million People In The Room, by talented social media strategist and entrepreneur, Juliette Powell. Aside from sharing social media in an informative and more, say, accessible way, Juliette provides real life examples of how social media works, how it can excel a company and the wielding power people have to make or break a brand. Her main concept (and title of her book) is powerful and a lot to wrap your head around. She shares David Reed's Law, that "networks can scale exponentially with the size and social importance of the network. [add a new person, double your network.] The amount of possible connections and subgroups within your group of just 25 individuals [would be] an astonishing 33 million." Yea, that's a lot to relate to - but you can.

Reed's Law and Julitette's book really shows you the potential your social networking communities can have for you and your own company.
Click here to learn more about Juliette and to buy her great book - everyone blogging out there should have it!



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