>>What to expect at the 3rd Blog Out Loud event
Besides free POMTINIs, a little goodie bag and a great giveaway!

we are *excited* for this week's 3rd Blog Out Loud event sponsored by Wiredrive. We've had an incredible response from you and the panel is ready to go (beta blockers aside)!

This Blog Out Loud event is a special evening for the advertising world to encourage brands and companies to get to blogging and get to building up the community. The more blogs there are, the more opportunity there is to create a substantial dialogue about what is going on in the community, behind-the-scenes stories and inspirations. There's no magic formula to blogging. It is, after all, your online journal. What you put into it is what you'll get out of that. The panel is here to share their experiences and stories about blogging and, in turn, encourage you all to get going or keep it up.

And aside from a little goodie bag, a Therapy tee and delicious POMTINIs, we have a special giveaway so bring those business cards. We are raffling off 2 gift certificates worth $175 in value for the brand spanking new Koncept67 Salon in Culver City.

See you Wednesday!

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