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I was checking out Time's Top 50 websites of 2008 the other day (I got linked to it via a blog) and discovered that not only was Apartment Therapy listed (rated by you and listed at #26) but 2 other websites that the owners, or editors or whatever-you-call-the-people-behind-the-whole-damn-thing happen to be personal friends of mine and are also listed in the top 30 (rated by you and listed at #21 and #28.) It's pretty amazing to be part of this whole world wide web thing. While these examples are of functioning websites, think of your blog as your own opportunity to make your online presence bigger. Your unique voice is what makes your blog special! And if you are ready to start but aren't sure how, we can help you. We are now offering consulting packages, working with brands and companies to extend their online presence via blogging.

::image via TIME.com::
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