>>Thank you, BOL attendees, panelists and sponsors!

Megan Arquette, Bill Sewell, Rebecca Orlov, Jerry Solomon, Clint Schaff,
Erika Levy, Simon Mainwairing, Damon Webster

Woo hoo - The 3rd Blog Out Loud event!

Megan & Rebecca enjoying some wine pre-event.

The panel getting ready.

Therapy's awesome space before.

And full of lovely attendees!

We made Tall Redhead's with POM

One of our sponsors

What a night!!! We had such a blast at last night's event and met some great people. Over 100 people came to hear our incredible panel share their thoughts, ideas, and perspective son blogging and social media in relation to the advertising industry. I personally learned some valuable information and really picked up the great energy all around.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that came to the event! (even in the rain - we are impressed!) To all of our sponsors, especially Wiredrive! And thank you Therapy for having us all in your (work) home!

And for all of you attendees that are looking for a little blogging push, Blog Out Loud is consulting with companies and brands to get their blogs up and running. So if you need a little help, click here to learn more.

We also are doing Blog Out Loud workshops focusing on the how-to's of Twitter, facebook and more. These small workshps are a perfect chance to get one-on-one help from a social media consultant. Click here to learn more or email us at info@blogoutloudevent.com.

::images 1 - 4 by Emilie Elizabeth::

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ME and Blue said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom at this great event! I'm even more motivated to continue to create, but also to "join" in on blog conversations. M.E.

loving. living. small. said...

So nice meeting you last night and thanks for coming! I'll have to come check out your Venice shop soon! Rebecca :)

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